Heeere's Jack!
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From; Rebecca Pittman
Author of; The History and Haunting of the Stanley Hotel
Oct. 29, 2011
"....On December 29th, the Barnes and Noble book store in Fort Collins, Colorado hosted a large book signing..... I had seen 'Jack' at various events at the Stanley Hotel and was thoroughly impressed not only with his uncanny resemblance to Mr. Nicholson but in that he sounds exactly like him and kept in character at all times. 

  The reaction from the people around him was truly superstar-worthy and it was a delight to watch him interact with the crowds, pose for pictures and banter playfully with them .... To say the least, he was a hit! The reaction from people walking by the signing table who were not aware that he was on the premises was amazing. They would walk by, glance over at him, stop, do a double-take and come back around, whispering and getting very excited. I had my first glimpse of what a celebrity goes through on a daily basis as people begged for his autograph, a photo op and gushed that they had seen all his movies. It was a treat to watch him in action.

  One of the things I admire about Jack is that his 'performance' is always off the cuff. None of his repartee with the customers is canned. It is fresh, terribly funny and always in character. His wit is lightning fast and you would swear that you were talking with Mr. Nicholson. I found myself forgetting that he wasn't the actor. He is professional, courteous, on time..... In a tribute to Jack, the manager at the Barnes and Noble store said it was their most successful book signing to date and they had a blast. They commented how having him there took it from a dry, typical book signing and turned it into an EVENT! 

  I would recommend Jack for any event, whether it is to loosen up an awards banquet, holiday party, corporate event or private party. Frankly, I can't think of a special event that wouldn't benefit from his appearance. I do know for a fact that your attendance will be amplified if it is advertised that he will be there. If you are looking for something that turns the ordinary into extraordinary, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime entertainment."
Warm Regards,
Rebecca Pittman
Loveland, CO
Dennis Massengale
Chattanooga, TN

  "I recently hired Jack Bullard for a second time... he came to Chattanooga last autumn to shoot 2 TV commercials for our music store, ChattaMusic (www.chattamusic.com)....
  Our spots have produced more business than we can calculate! Jack's "spot on" impersonation is incredible. Not only did he pull off the action (on screen), but his public persona draws people in like a spider web! 
  Having gotten to know him pretty well since our first encounter, my wife and I had him stay in our home during the week in which we filmed our most recent commercials. His reaction to those who approach him (in public) is priceless - his response allows for their continued belief that he is "the real Jack", and yet he never lies to anyone! 
  Feel free to call me to engage in a conversation regarding Jack's character (AND his "character"!) He IS da man! "
Letters from Satisfied Clients...
"You make me want to be a better man...."
                  - Jack Nicholson in 'As Good as it Gets'
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