Can you "handle the truth...?"
"...Your willingness and cooperation in working with us regarding your performance was a smash hit with the entire group. I received compliments throughout the night of the event and they have continued...."
-Marty Byrnes, R.E. Moulton, Inc.,
Castle Rock, CO

"...We were coming around the corner and there was 'Jack!' I couldn't believe it! I said "You do know who you look like, don't you?" And he said "Yes, Danny DeVito....He sounded just like Nicholson too!...."
-Kathy Baker
Louisburg Library, Louisburg, Kansas

"....Your professionalism and marketing savvy was instrumental in our business showing a sales increase of 78.49% for the two days we had you at our shop. You were not only able to increase our bottom line but you brought tears of joy and laughter to the entire block...."
-Kathleen George
Rustic Mountain Charm
Estes Park CO

​"...You turned an everyday normal wedding into a fun day for our guests and us alike..... Having you and your personality really brought energy to the day. It also made Amy and I laugh watching everyone's expressions and reactions...."
-Mark Dudley
Pueblo, CO

"...I'm sure you get this all the time, but it's a real treat to get a photo with a celebrity!....You made my trip to Vegas memorable!.... "
-Deanna Deveau M.Sc.
Alberta, Canada

"...  He sat in a chair, unlit cigar in hand and asked the group to toss out names of Jack Nicholson movies. As one after another of the guests proffered a movie title, Jack went into character for that film, taking on the mannerisms and demeanor while portraying the dialog and actions of the movie's most famous lines. It was amazing!  
  It was as if we were seeing an overview of the actor's most beloved roles and scenes. He never missed a beat as each movie title was called out! It was Oscar-worthy!
  I talked to many of the people in attendance that night and they said it was the most memorable party they have ever been to. You feel as if you've been treated to a rare, one-of-a-kind evening that leaves you wanting more...."
 R. Pittman
 Loveland, CO 
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C.J. Morgan
Dolly Parton Tribute Artist
The Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO
"Where does he get all those wonderful toys....?"
                      - Jack Nicholson in 'Batman'
The book;  Daily Doubles 2 - Celebrity Impersonators, Motivational speaking presentation                                                                            www.dailydoublescelebrity    
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In addition to appearing as 'Jack,' Bullard has teamed up with C.J Morgan, an award-winning Dolly Parton Tribute artist to write the book Daily Doubles 2 - Celebrity Impersonators as well as offer presentations based on their lives as celebrity impersonators. See